ski Tehran Iran

Just open the window; you will see ski resort in Tehran!


Tehran’s first ski resort, Tochal is also the closest to the city. At 3,700 meters high, it is the highest ski resort in Iran. Tochal Peak itself has an altitude of 3,964 meters. Due to its high altitude, the resort is covered with snow for an extended period, giving skiers a good five to six months of skiing fun!

As the piste is not very long, its slope is suitable for amateur skiers, and even those new to the sport. Its facilities include: two lines of chairlifts and a few lines of small-scale lifts. There are a hotel and a restaurant in the resort in order for the skiers to stay overnights.




Half day


Private car


1 breakfast

Other services

All included entrance fee

None included

Hiring boards and facilities


1 to2 persons

70 Euros


Day 1: Drive to the North Mountains, getting cable car (about 1 hour and half). You will be at the altitude of 3700 meters! Start skiing. Having breakfast in the highest hotel in Iran. (B)

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