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Ski with the view of mount Damavand!


Just off the Lavasan-Fasham Road that leads to Dizin, in a region called Roudbad Qasran, there are two ski resorts, Darbandsar and Shemshak about 35 kilometers north of Tehran. It is about an hour’s drive away from Tehran. It’s a medium-sized resort mostly used by professional due to its steep slopes. In Shemshak piste there are two smaller pistes with two separate chairlift lines.

In Darbandsar, there is one line of surface lift (T-Bar) transporting skiers in large numbers right up to the foot of Darbandsar peak, where there is another surface lift carrying people even further up. As a bonus, Mount Damavand, the tallest peak in Iran at 5,760 meters, is clearly visible when taking the second lift.

There are several smaller lifts in amateur and off-shoot pistes.




1 Day


Private car


1 breakfast, 1 lunch

Other services

All included entrance fee

None included

Hiring boards and facilities


1 to2 persons

100 Euros


Day 1: Drive from Tehran to Shemshak/Darbandsar village (one hour and half driving), visiting frozen waterfall, start skiing after breakfast. (B, L)

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