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The most colorful plain in Iran, surrounded by mountains


Laar national park is the 30,000-hectare park is in the Central Alborz mountain range, at the foot of Mount Damavand. It’s a plain which is surrounded by high raised mountains. One of the rare species of the Salmonidae family of fish is native to this area. Other notable fauna of the park are:  bearded vulture, eagle, goat, leopard, gray wolf, bear, wild boar, jackal and fox.

 Because of the elevation, the weather of this plain is still cold in Jun and July. In the mid June the plain is fully covered by colorful flowers. So the best time to visit it is mid June till mid July. The Lar Dam and reservoir is located within the park. It is a major tourist attraction.




2 Days and 1 nights


Camp (tent)


Private car


2 breakfast, 2 lunch, 1 dinner

Other services

Climbing permit fee

None included



1 to2 persons

150 Euros


Day 1: Drive from Tehran to Garmabdar village (2 hours driving), start trekking after breakfast. Having lunch beside of Doberar spring, trekking time in this day will be about 6 hours. overnight in camp.(B, L, D)

Day 2: Continue trekking after breakfast, visiting Ghoo waterfall, having lunch beside of Laar River. trekking time in this day will be about 6 hours. (B, L)

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