Mount Damavand

A potentially active volcano, is the highest peak in Iran and the Middle East, and the highest volcano in Asia. Damāvand has a special place in Persian mythology and folklore. It is in themiddle of the Alborz range. It is near the southern coast of the Caspian Sea 66 kilometres (41 miles) northeast of the city of Tehran Mount Damāvand is the 12th most prominent peak in the world, and the third most prominent in Asia after Mount Everest and Puncak Jaya. It is the highest volcanic mountain in Asia, and part of the Volcanic Seven Summits.

At a height of 5670m, Mount Damavand is a worthy challenge for any accomplished mountaineer. Visible from Tehran on a clear day, the mountain is snowcapped all year round, and features prominently in Persian folklore and literature reaching Damavand’s peak will take the best part of two to five days and earn you the eternal respect of any Iranians in your life. you can take one of 16 major routes up Damāvand in two to five days, navigating its rocky terrain, mineral hot springs, and rich flora and fauna. Mount Damāvand was nominated for World Heritage status in 2008 and remains on Iran’s Tentative List.

Although the climbing might be hard but the nature is fantastic in spring specially for its beautiful red flowers. Natural red poppy fields start blooming in May at lower parts and gradually covers the upper area. It is a variety of natural colored flowers, green grass and plants which cover the ground like a Persian carpet! Best trekking time to see these phenomenal is June and July.

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