Maranjab Sand Dunes

maranjab desert Iran adventure

Almost 50 percents of Iran are deserts. Maranjab desert is one of the most beautiful deserts in Iran. It is also one of the most accessible ones. Just drive 4 hours from Tehran to Kashan and you are into the desert. This desert has variety of attractions such salt lake, sand dunes, historical caravansary etc. The diversity of animal species and vegetation in Maranjab desert makes it a good place for animal lovers. If you are luck, you may have a chance to see a rabbits, fox or a wolf!

Being a vast empire, ancient Persia was not easy to cross. And so, there were convenient accommodation facilities on most of the major roads to accommodate the weary travelers. These accommodation facilities were called caravansaries and Maranjab Caravansary built in the 16th century, was one of the important ones. It was important because it was located on the ancient Silk Road through which the empire’s commerce prospered. Having been renovated in recent years, Maranjab Desert’s Caravanserai is still used as an accommodation facility

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