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3.It’s not all sand dunes

If you think Iran is a country made up entirely of arid desert plains, think again. Not only does it have plenty of mountains (and half a dozen volcanoes), head for the peaks of the Alborz Mountains – only a few hours from Tehran – and you’ll discover several ski resorts!
The two main ski resorts are Dizin and Shemshak. Dizin is the largest and, at 8,700 ft, it’s higher than Europe’s highest resort. Shemshak is slightly lower but the slopes are steeper and more challenging – perfect for snowboarders and more experienced skiers.
They might not be quite as modern and extensive as the European standard but they’re certainly not as crowded either!

4.Ask for help

Do not be afraid to ask any Iranian anything. If they speak English, they will endeavor to help you to the best way they can. They will not stray you or make up stories. If asking for directions, as in any other country make sure to ask a few people as you go along until you reach your destination.