About US

Iran adventure is a specialized tour guide team and was formed by founders who ‎have had a varied mix of experiences in this field working from Iran and Europe, ‎but are presently all based in Iran. The team is focused on providing a variety of travel experiences ‎for Iranians and non-Iranians living in the country or visiting Iran with a nature oriented plan.

From the time of its inception, the team has strived to offer interesting, fun and innovative journeys specifically designed for the international market and have succeeded in doing so with a growing satisfied customer base. We have mountaineer guide who is expert in climbing tours (for example for Mount Damavand)

We emphasize that we are licensed tour guides who offer services when you arrive Iran. We can pick up you from the airport, consult about your plan, and accompany you as your guide or leader.

Also there is lack of some services in Iran like renting motor bike or renting people homes like www.airbnb.com. This kind of accommodation is very attractive because you can be familiar with Persian culture. Despite of what Medias show, Iran is the safest country in the Middle East. So you can trust on people and enjoy Persian atmosphere of homes and communicate with young boys and girls.

We arrange two sections of “Renting Motor bikes” and “Iran B & B” contributing trusted friends and out team try to extend these sections step by step!